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Commercial hybrid Solar

Edwards Solar Plus Hybrid install
Commercial solar with battery storage

As businesses expand and explore their growth potential so does their energy usage. With the vast technological advancements in solar panel efficiency through the years there has been an ever expanding need to find efficient ways to better harness the surplus energy produced by the systems during the day to be self-consumed when the sun goes down at night.

Battery technology has not only leaped forward enough to help store the energy produced from a system which can handle today’s energy demand but has also reached a price level well within reach of most businesses looking towards the future of their company. This hybrid storage solution is also a major factor is closing the gap between supply and demand for the large utility companies which struggle to provide enough energy during the peak hours of the day..

solar smoothing requirements met

Using a method called solar smoothing the utility companies will not be affected by regular demand spikes and if during any period of the day the energy produced by the solar system was to drop off due to circumstances such as excessive cloud cover or system failure then the energy stored in the batteries would export to cover the lost energy from the solar array within a set ramping speed requirement. This have allowed for larger solar PV array installations to be connected to the Horizon power utility network, knowing that the solar smoothing function of the system will prevent an unexpected demand peak from the utility  The future is very bright for solar energy storage and the possibilities are endless for its application in a wide range of situations. From domestic individual installs to small micro grid applications feeding a whole suburb or remote town and commercial scale installs both in the metro area and throughout remote Australia to provide a sustainable investment for all levels of commercial businesses including schools, hospitals, sporting clubs and shopping centers as just a few.