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Personal finance for domestic systems

There has been a massive increase in the number of Australian households looking to install solar power to their home. With traditional energy bills continuing to rise it is becoming even more attractive to control your own energy and reduce your household expenses.

Solar Power is a very technical and skilled area of expertise; that’s why the advice and installation is left to the experts at Edwards Solar Plus but solar finance is also an area that requires a high degree of expertise in finance, and this is what they do at Solar & Energy finance!

At Solar &Energy finance they have over 20 years of finance experience and can offer you solutions tailored to suit your circumstances and budget.

They also offer you genuine personal service and advice, delivered promptly!

A lot of solar retailers and sellers promote Interest Free finance to their clients, but what the clients are not told is that the interest is actually being added to the purchase price of the system without the client knowing!

At Solar & Energy finance they offer you competitive, totally transparent finance options designed to reduce your stress and suit your budget. In most cases the monthly repayment for your new Solar loan will be covered by the electricity savings you will make by having a solar system.

Would you like to see whether you could qualify for a residential solar finance package?

Here are a couple of our popular consumer finance options:
Solar Unsecured Personal Loan

They have an excellent unsecured solar loan offering via a number of our major lenders. They have intimate knowledge of the bank approval process which maximises the likelihood of your loan approval.

Some of the unsecured personal loan features include

100% no deposit finance
No security required (up to $15,000)
60-month term
No early repayment penalty ever!
Repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Interest charged on the reducing balance
Application and setup costs added to loan
Fast approval and settlement
PAYG / self employed recipients acceptable

Once you have spoken to a member of the Edwards Solar Plus team and we have assessed your property to advise on the size of solar system most optimum for your own personal needs and to gain the best possible return on investment. Then our price list clearly shows the range of systems available from economy to premium and the decision is yours as to what grade system you wish to purchase. This will set the benchmark for how much finance you will need to borrow for the system.

Edwards Solar Plus are happy for you to contact Todd direct and pre-arrange your solar finance options or we can help you through the whole process. Once you have been advised on a system size and settled on the range of system you wish to purchase then all that is left to do it get fast approval from Solar & Energy finance and we can take care of the rest.

Ready to apply? Please download their application form from here, and their Credit Guide/Privacy Statement here.

Centrelink recipients also welcome – please contact us for information about a solar finance package specifically tailored to you

The following table will give an indication of the payment rates for the unsecured personal loan. Please note that these are weekly payments based on a 5-year term.

FMS Domestic 5 Year Loan – Repayment Guide 2015

Please note these repayments are current as at September 2014, and are to be used as a guide only; the final repayment will be disclosed in the Letter of Offer and contracts from the bank upon approval

Solar Home Equity Loan / Line of Credit

Using the equity in your home is an effective way to keep the loan repayments low.

They will assess your personal situation free of charge and recommend the best loan, this may involve setting up a home equity loan, or a Line of Credit facility, or incorporating the cost of the solar system into the refinance of your current loan.

We have over 45 banks and lenders on our panel so we guarantee we can find you the lowest possible rate and best loan features available.

Next step

To check your eligibility and get a free repayment quote, please contact Todd directly at

Then sit back and let Edwards Solar Plus design your tailor made solar system to the highest standard and be rest assured that your new system will offset a large percentage of your current electricity bills while all you have to pay is a small weekly repayment to cover the loan.

For any other information please use our contact page.